A woman of colour with short curly hair, wearing a pair of thick black frame glasses, is crying beside her undone bed.

Is Tech Facilitated Abuse Illegal?

FROM THE TECH SAFETY TEAM   Is Tech Facilitated Abuse Illegal?   Tech facilitated abuse (‘tech abuse’) is a form of controlling behaviour that involves the misuse of technology in order to harm, threaten,
A man standing in top of a mountain of coins, while a women is sitting below, in the sidelines.

Financial Abuse with Carolyn Bond

WESNET INTERVIEW SERIES   Financial abuse can take many, many forms and is one of the most insidious coercive tools used by abusers to control and manipulate their victims. The reality of

Consortium Talks Consent

Speech presented by Julie Oberin AM.   “The Personal is Political” Anyone around in the 1960s or 70s would associate ‘the Personal is the Political’ with the emboldened women’s liberation movement. The rallying cry