A person sharing their Uber ride with a contact to gift a ride.

Share a Ride, Gift a Ride

WESNET X UBER   Share a Ride, Gift a Ride. Every 9 days, a woman is killed by a current or former intimate partner. Did you know that the police deal with over 5,000
Three survivors embracing each other while holding white flowers in their hands

Busting the myth of victimisation with Lula Dembele

WESNET INTERVIEW SERIES   There’s a harmful stigma attached to ‘being a victim’ that even today, shadows survivors of domestic, family, and sexual violence. For the first time, the victim-survivors of domestic
The hand of the bride held by a groom during a Indian traditional ritual in an Indian Hindu Wedding Marriage.

Dowry abuse with Dr Manjula Datta O-connor

WESNET INTERVIEW SERIES   Violence and abuse have the same detrimental impact on human beings, no matter the person or the community they are part of. However, violence and abuse can take