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Bumble launches new safety initiative to report
bad behaviour

Ashleigh Austen, Body and Soul, 06 June 2023 

Lily Fetter is advocating for a consistent healthcare response to family violence disclosures.(ABC Central Victoria: Emma D'Agostino)

Data indicates family violence spiked during COVID-19 as Victorian hospitals work on responses

Emma D'Agostino, ABC Central Victoria, 19 May 2023 

A male hand holding an Airtag between the fingers.

Apple Airtag: Rachel was tracked. The perpetrator was very close to home

James Brien, 24ssports, 20 February 2023 

Dominic Perrottet to present dating safety campaign at national cabinet

James O'Doherty and Angira Bharadwaj, Daily Telegraph, 24 January 2023

Tinder launches safety feature to outline 'house rules' to protect daters

Anthony Anderson, News.com.au, 23 January 2023 

The money trap: Australian women drag banks to the fight against relentless financial abuse

Natasha May, The Guardian, 27 November 2022 

Simple act to save Aussie women from domestic violence

Eli Green, News.com.au, 24 November 2022 

UPDATE NOW: Don’t ignore urgent privacy Apple alert coming to MILLIONS of iPhones today

Jona Jaupi, The U.S. Sun, 12 September 2022 

What is Apple Safety Check and what does an Emergency Reset do?

Maggie Tillman, Pocket Lint, 06 September 2022 

iOS 16: Here are seven privacy and security features you should know

Jonathan Lee, Malaymail, 10 August 2022 

Hacker hand stealing data from laptop top down

Australian charged with developing and selling desktop stalkerware

Coalition Against Stalkerware, Blog, 03 August 2022 

DV-alert 2022 National Meeting: Facilitating invaluable conversations

DVAlert, News, 01 August 2022 

How do you use Apple Safety Check? What is Apple Safety Check?

Jonny Evans, Apple Must, 20 July 2022 

New technology, such as the Apple AirTag, sees GPS tracking and stalking skyrocket

Nicole Madigan, Herald Sun, 08 July 2022 

How iOS 16 Could Help Protect People in Abusive Relationships

Denise Lim, MakeUseOf, 17 June 2022 

Apple offers domestic violence lifeline: Helping survivors cut digital ties with abusers

David Braue, Information Age, 16 June 2022 

Apple iOS 16’s Safety Check will save lives of many domestic abuse victims

Rachael Sharpe, Digital Camera World, 10 June 2022 

Safety Check in iOS 16 Puts Abuse Survivors Back in Control

Ian Sherr and David Lumb, CNET, 10 June 2022 

WWDC22 Video: Apple’s new iOS 16 Tool called ‘Safety Check’

Patently Apple, 08 June 2022 

WWDC22: Apple anuncia novo recurso de privacidade para apoiar vítimas de abuso e violência doméstica

Tudo Celular, 07 June 2022 

Apple's Safety Check combats domestic abuse but timing its use is critical

Charlie Osborne, ZNET, 07 June 2022 

Apple Reveals Safety Check for iOS 16

Video, CNET Highlights, 07 June 2022 

Safety Check Is Apple's New iOS Feature for People Facing Abusive Relationships

Laura Hautala, CNET, 07 June 2022 

WATCH OUT Apple warning: New iPhone hack could save you from abusive stalker

Jona Jaupi,The Sun, 06 June 2022 

What is Apple Safety Check?

Kob Monney, Trusted Reviews, 06 June 2022 

Where to get help if you're fleeing abuse

Susan Hely, Money, 18 March 2022 

Domestic violence survivors to get government support to scan for spyware and hidden cameras

Stephanie Borys, ABC News, 18 March 2022 

Sinister way popular Apple device is being used

David Hurley, Herald Sun, 18 January 2022 

How tech is enabling domestic abusers

David Braue, ACS Information Age, 22 July 2021 

Family violence tech stalkers are about to be caught out

Wendy Tuohy, The Age, 21 February 2021 

Central Victorian agency heads on proposed Family Court merger

Emma D'Agostino, Bendigo Advertiser, 19 February 2021 

How a $35 Uber ride changed one woman's life: 'Without that first ride, it wouldn't have happened'

Bianka Farmarkis, 9Honey, 14 December 2020 

Byte into IT Podcast - 9 December 2020

Dan Salmon and Warren Davies from Triple R radio interview CEO WESNET about the Second National Survey on Tech Abuse and Domestic Violence - 9 December 2020

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The Squiz podcast - 25 November 2020 - How the Uber Rides program has helped survivors of domestic violence 

Kate Watson, 25 November 2020 - Our CEO is interviewed from 9m18 second

GPS trackers, hidden cameras on the rise as domestic violence increases during pandemic

ABC Radio Melbourne /  By Kristian Silva Posted 24 Nov 2020

Driving Change: Continuing our support for Women's Safety on the 2021 Road to Recovery

Sean McIntyre, Head of Trust & Safety, Uber ANZ, 22 November 2020

Woman's ex-boyfriend stalked her by hacking her car's system: 'No end of creativity by perpetrators

Bianka Farmarkis, 9Honey, September 2020 

'Covid-19 will slam the door shut': Australia's family services brace for domestic violence spike 

Royce Krumelov, The Guardian, 29 March 2020

'Australia coronavirus lockdown pushes 'safe phones' demand for women 

Beh Lih Yi, Thomson Reuters Foundation, 25 March 2020

Federal Government cuts funding for more domestic violence services

Hannah Cross, National Indigenous Times, 18 December 2019

WESNET family violence phone program faces federal government funding cut

Tara Cosoleto, Bendigo Advertiser, 15 December 2019

Free phones can be crucial to escaping family violence but a key service is facing a funding cut

Alison Branley, ABC Specialist Reporting Team, 11 December 2019

Tracked and terrorised

Felicity Robinson, Primer, 23 October 2019

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Spyware and GPS tracking: the next frontier for family violence

Jenna Price, Sydney Morning Herald, 23 August 2019

How companies selling spyware are helping to promote family violence

ABC 22 August 2019

ABC 22 August 2019

ABC 22 August 2019

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The secret way phone apps enable domestic violence

Amelia Saw, Daily Telegraph, 1 March 2019 (Subscriber only).

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Powerful spy devices bring menacing stalkers sharply into focus

David Murray, The Australian, 18 January 2019 (Subscriber only)

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A woman illuminated by the glow of her smart phone at night

Mobile spyware tracking apps put alarming focus on domestic violence 

Luke Cooper, Huffington Post, 3 November 2017

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Tech abuse 'rampant' and has 'devastating' impacts on victims

Shalailah Medhora, TripleJ Hack, 31 October 2016


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