Statement of Apology and Reconciliation

To all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women, your families and communities...

We, non-Indigenous people of this land, apologise for the human suffering and injustice that you have experienced as a result of colonisation and generations of discrimination and marginalisation that has resulted from that.

We share with you our feelings of shame and horror at the actions and atrocities that were perpetrated against your people.

We acknowledge that the removal of children devastated individuals, families and entire communities and that the intention of those policies was to assimilate Indigenous children. We recognise this as a policy of genocide.

We recognise you as a sovereign people who have never given up your sovereignty of this land.

We collectively share a sense of outrage, and feel a particular sense of responsibility around these racist policies of the past.

We acknowledge your human right to self-determination.

We commit to working in solidarity with you in ways that you choose and determine.

We work with many people who are affected by disadvantage, prejudice, poverty, violence, marginalisation, trauma and social circumstances out of their control. We understand the long-term damage to communities when these issues are unaddressed.

We recognise your leadership, we honour your visions and we join with you in your hopes for your future and for our futures together.

(Adapted from statement from ACT Community Services for Women)

‘Strength in Women’ artwork by Keisha Thomason


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