Free rides for survivors.

Getting survivors to their destination, safely...

Through its partnership with Uber, WESNET is pleased to be able to pass on free rides to WESNET Members as part of its membership benefits and WESNET RIDES program. 

Eligible WESNET services are granted access to free rides for their clients, with credit available until WESNET credit is exhausted or until further notice is provided by WESNET. With a simple booking system offering flexible as well as fixed rides, clients are only required to have a mobile phone and the ability to receive an SMS message.

"For most of us a simple trip in the car to an appointment is something we take for granted. If you've experienced domestic violence, this can be the trip from hell." 

What people are saying about Wesnet Rides

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“The WESNET Uber Rides Program has been amazing for our clients. Many of the women we assist are very vulnerable and have limited financial resources. This money has enabled us to assist clients to get to important appointments, court hearings and contact visits with their children. We had a situation where we found out a client and her daughter had been tracked to our office by her violent ex-partner. If we didn’t have the option of ordering her an Uber, she would have had to have taken public transport home, potentially putting herself and her child at risk. We were able to order her an Uber from right outside her building which then took her to a safe location. We are very grateful to Uber and Wesnet for providing this program and would love to continue to be able to offer this service to our clients in future."

“Every day this program makes a difference to women and children impacted by Domestic & Family Violence."

"Uber rides have assisted women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds who are ineligible for Centrelink and therefore have no income. For some clients with little English, we are able to book the ride with the correct address reducing the need for the client to verbally communicate their destination."

“The Uber Ride Program has been a God send for us workers here at the centre. It has been great for times when we are not able to take the client ourselves to their or their children’s very important and necessary appointments. We are very grateful for the Program and hope it continues.”

"Being able to support women with transport by using UBER eases the financial burden of transport for the woman and gives them a feeling of freedom to be able to access the community safely and begin their journey of healing after their experience of domestic violence.”


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