Current projects

Staying safe: empowering women to navigate privacy, safety and security mobile apps in the Australian marketplace

Funded by an ACCAN Grant

Step 1

Funded by the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network, Australia's peak communications consumer organisation, which represents individuals, small business and not-for-profit groups as consumers of communications products and services.


Step 1

The project will undertake an analysis of apps targeted at women at risk of domestic violence, and which are marketed as assisting women to stay safe. Many of these apps have serious security and privacy flaws, unwittingly putting women at greater risk. Independent reviews and advice will be published to assist consumers to make informed decisions relevant to their needs. 

Project partners

Step 4

WESNET is working with Dr Jenna Condie and Dr Garth Neal from Western Sydney University, and Dr Robert Merkel.

Past research projects

Social Impact

Step 2

Read about the first five years of the Safety Net Australia program

Listening Tour

Step 2

2018 National Listening Tour Report. Supporting survivors of technology-facilitated abuse from ATSI and/or CALD communities

Spyware Report

Step 1

Download the Deakin University report which we collaborated on with Dr Diarmaid Harkin, Dr Adam Molnar and Erica Vowles about Spyware

The Recharge Project

Step 1

The Recharge: Women's Technology Safety project was a collaboration between Women's Legal Services NSW, Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria and WESNET and was funded by ACCAN 2015

The PADV archive

Step 1

An archive of the myriad of hard to find Partnerships Against Domestic Violence program publications and reports.  PADV was the second attempt at a  National Plan and precedes the current National Plan.