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WESNET & NNEDV Launch Safety Net Australia

Thwarting tech-savvy abusers and empowering survivors of violence through technology

Today national experts on technology and violence against women from Australia and the United States announced the launch of the Safety Net Australia project: helping survivors safely use technology to search for help and decrease isolation, while using technology evidence to hold abusers and stalkers accountable for misusing life-saving technology resources.

“We are proud to launch this project in partnership with the U.S. trailblazing Safety Net Project since technology helps women and their children successfully flee abusers, stalkers and rapists”, said Julie Oberin, National Chair of WESNET. “Survivors map roads to new lives on the web by reaching out to specialist women’s domestic violence services and hotlines, researching intervention orders, and finding housing, employment opportunities, new schools and online support.”

For a copy of the media release click here.

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