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Victorian Government’s Denial of Heather Osland’s Petition for Mercy


7 September 2001

Australia’s Inaugural Domestic & Sexual Violence Conference

Gold Coast, Queensland

5-7 September 2001


More than 450 participants at Australia’s Inaugural Domestic and Sexual Assault conference today condemned the decision of the Victorian Government to refuse Heather Osland’s petition for mercy for the killing of her abusive partner.

Conference delegates endorsed the following statement:

“The decision indicates a complete lack of understanding of women’s experience of domestic violence. The legal system in Victoria failed to protect Heather and her family from fifteen years of constant violence at the hands of her husband, forcing Heather to take the only remaining course of action she felt was left to her. Her conviction for killing in self defence and the failure of the Victorian Government to grant a pardon gives a message to women experiencing violence that the community does not take their safety and that of their children seriously.”


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