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ACT Training 2015

Training objective

A recent survey by DVRCV found 98% of DV practitioners had clients who had experienced tech abuse

To increase the privacy, safety and health of women and girls experiencing all forms of gender-based violence (GBV) by training service providers and other professionals in the ACT on technology safety issues; in particular:

  • understanding how technologies work
  • assessing how technology use impacts women and girls experiencing violence
  • identifying how abusers are misusing technology (current technologies being misused include: phones (caller ID, interceptors, Bluetooth), assistive technology, spyware, hacking risks, emails, GPS and location tracking, social networking)
  • discussing the risks and benefits of technology use with women and girls, especially women and their children who are experiencing violence
  • supporting women and girls with privacy and safety planning about technology
  • an introduction to understand timely evidence collection regarding potential legal charges so communities can better hold men who use violence against women and their children accountable
  • improving accessibility and safety when using technology in agencies.

Focus/target groups

This project will target service providers and other professionals in the ACT working with or supporting women and girls subjected to all forms of gender-based violence; in particular:

  • domestic and family violence workers
  • hildren and youth services
  • sexual assault services
  • homelessness and housing services
  • non-government organisations interested in violence protection
  • police, prosecutors, court staff, magistrates and legal services
  • teachers and educators
  • child protection workers
  • disability workers
  • policy-makers and program-makers in government and non-government
  • women‘s services, networks and health organisations.
  • Members of Parliament


ABN 16 068 548 631