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eSafety for Women training (Level 1)

For information about the free level 1 training being jointly presented by the Office of the Children’s e-Safety Commissioner please click here.

Safe Connections /Safe Technology for women training (Level 2)

We are significantly expanding our Safe Connections Program.  Under the program, Telstra is providing smartphones with a $30 start up package  to WESNET to distribute to women experiencing DV through frontline agencies.   WESNET has also received government funding so that we can provide free training to agencies that sign on or who want to refer women to agencies participating in the program.  This Level 2 training focuses on technology-facilitated abuse through Smart Phone technology.  To read more about the program please click here.

Face-to-Face Training Events and Webinars (Customised)

If you or your organisation is interested in bringing SafetyNet Training to your location or participating in Webinars please contact us on 1300 WESNET (1800 937 638) or send us an email through our contact form here.

The Women’s Services Network (WESNET) is pleased to present Technology Safety Training to interested members and others working with and supporting survivors and victims of abuse and violence.

Initially developed in the US by the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV), Technology Safety Training educates service providers in the domestic and family violence sector to:

  • understand HOW technologies work
  • identify HOW abusers are misusing technology
  • assess HOW technology use impacts women and girls experiencing violence
  • discuss HOW technology can be used to help women and girls experiencing violence
  • support women and girls with privacy and SAFETY PLANNING about technology and EVIDENCE COLLECTION

The training is suitable for agencies and services working or supporting victims and/or survivors of violence and abuse, those in the domestic/family violence, sexual assault and rape crisis, primary care, community health, housing and homelessness sector, community legal centres, police and court staff, youth workers, disability workers, child protection, and policy makers and program managers in government and non-government agencies.

Technologies covered can include:

  • Phones — including mobiles, caller ID and landlines
  • GPS and location tracking
  • Cameras and images
  • Social media and online spaces
  • Spyware, monitoring and surveillance
  • Computers and networks
  • Emails & texting
  • Databases
  • Assistive Technology
  • and much, much more…

Technology Safety Summit

WESNET is hosting the second annual Technology Safety Summit in Melbourne on 26-27 Ocotber 2017 at the Jasper Hotel.  For more information visit the conference website.

ABN 16 068 548 631