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Kaofeng Lee

Kaofeng Lee is a National Trainer for the Safety Net Project at WESNET, where she provides trainings on technology safety topics. Prior to joining WESNET, Kaofeng was a Deputy Director of the NNEDV Safety Net Project. In her 9 ½ years with NNEDV, Kaofeng worked with victim service providers, technology companies, and policymakers to improve safety and privacy for victims of intimate partner abuse. She provided more than 80 trainings to over 10,000 practitioners in the U.S. and internationally on issues of technology abuse, privacy, and victim safety. She has written Congressional testimony, administrative regulatory comments, and participates in committees that address privacy, technology, and safety.

Kaofeng’s previous professional experience included working as a bilingual advocate for a local domestic violence program, editing for a publications and design agency, and providing project management for a top 5 accounting firm, where she learned that listening is most important, the Oxford comma reigns supreme, and obsessing over details is totally okay. Kaofeng has a Masters in International Relations from American University and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Communication from Iowa State University.

ABN 16 068 548 631