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Heidi Guldbaek

Heidi is a National Safety Technology Trainer for WESNET. She has worked in the violence prevention sector as an educator, advocate and activist since 2007.

She has previously been the National Law Reform Coordinator for Women’s Legal Services Australia and is passionate about working collaboratively with victims and victim advocates to ensure that the voices of women escaping violence are heard in policy, program and legislation development to overcome structural oppression and injustice.

Originally hailing from the backwoods of Northern British Columbia, she has spent the last 10 years in sunny Perth.

When she’s not assisting people to use technology safely, she loves a good latte, getting excited by stationary and hanging out with her best bud and Kelpie sidekick, Mitsey.

Heidi is an unwavering optimist and intense social justice nerd with a Bachelor of Behavioural Science and a Master of Human Rights.

ABN 16 068 548 631