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United Nations Declaration on the Elimination of Violence Against Women

The UN Declaration 48/104 on the Elimination of Violence Against Women can be found on the UN website here.

Domestic Violence and Child Protection: best practice from a feminist perspective

Women’s House Shelta received a grant from WESNET at the end 2008, to run a forum and produce a discussion paper. The paper is largely based on the exploration of issues at the interface of DV and child protection, in a forum for DV workers that was held in Brisbane in February 2009. PDF

Community Awareness and Education to Prevent, Reduce and Respond to Domestic Violence

A meta-evaluation of the first phase of the Australian Government’s ‘Partnerships Against Domestic Violence’ (PADV) initiative was conducted in 2003. “Community Awareness and Education to Prevent, Reduce and Respond to Domestic Violence” represents one in a series of six reports on the outcomes and findings of this meta-evaluation. An overview of the incidence, prevalence, economic costs and explanations for domestic violence is provided and key areas identified as priority for service and policy development are identified. The concepts of community education and prevention, their various definitions and some models proposed for implementing education and prevention strategies are then discussed. Specific community education projects funded under PADV and challenges for future policy and practice are also identified. PDF

Home Safe Home : The link between domestic and family violence and women’s homelessness

Published in 2000, and funded under the Partnerships Against Domestic Violence Program, this report challenged the presumption that women should leave their homes in order to escape domestic and family violence.  It highlighted the need for males to be removed to alternate accommodation, and was the first report of its kind in Australia. Media Release Report

Case Management Practice

Jan Seeley and Catherine Plunkett (2002) “Women and Domestic Violence: Standards for Counselling Practice” The Salvation Army Crisis Service, St Kilda, Australia. Download PDF

SAAP Case Management Resource Kit Zip file


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