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There are numerous benefits to becoming a WESNET member including participation in key national policy debates and consultative processes; access to WESNET publications, research and national conferences; and access to WESNET’s discussion and networking forums.

WESNET encourages all individuals and services with an interest in domestic and family violence and its effects on women and children to join our growing network by becoming a WESNET member.

All members and associate members must subscribe to WESNET’s Vision, Purpose and Objectives.

WESNET has three types of membership: Organisational, Associate Individual and Associate. Full membership is only available to the first of these membership types. Granting of full membership is subject to the WESNET Committee approval.  Supporting material is requested for new applications, and may be requested for renewals.

Membership Types and Fees


Full Organisational >$350,000 $ 349.80
Full Organisational <$350,000 $ 141.90
Full Organisational <$75,000 $   74.80
Full Associate Government $ 540.10
Associate NGO $ 141.90
Individual Full $ 108.90
Individual Concession $   53.90
Individual Associate $   74.80
Individual Associate Concession $   37.40

Please note, Government employees may apply for Associate Membership only.

Not a member?  If you wish to apply for or change your membership please complete the online application form here.



ABN 16 068 548 631