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WESNET Constitution



Jan 2011 WESNET Submission on the Family Law Bill PDF

May 2010   WESNET submission to Australian Law Reform Commission PDF

Jan 2005  WESNET Submission to the Attorney General on the new approach to the Family Law System Discussion Paper PDF

Projects and Evaluations

Aug 2010    WESNET’s Capacity Building Grants Project 2008-09: Evaluation of a grant program for early intervention and prevention projects for domestic and family violence. PDF Part 1 PDF Part 2

In 2008 WESNET managed a Capacity Building grants program for the Office for the Status of Women, funding 22 early intervention and prevention projects across Australia. This report is the evaluation of those projects and highlights some of the lessons learned about early intervention and prevention programs dealing with Domestic and Family Violence

Speeches, Papers and Presentations

Apr 2010   WESNET presentation to the 54th Session of the UN Committee for the Status of Women

Julie Oberin and Margaret Augerinos from the WESNET National Committee travelled to New York in February/March 2010 to participate in the Global Network of Women’s Shelters Meeting. They were part of the GNWS presentation to the UN Committee for the Status of Women. This is a copy of the Australian presentation.

Sep 2009  Homelessness and Violence against Women in Australia. Will “The Plan” work?

The new Rudd Labor Government’s approach to domestic/family violence and homelessness has the capacity to radically address decades of neglect in these fields. This paper explores the potential impact of the Homelessness White Paper and the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women. In particular it examines what impact the new approach may have on the incidence of domestic/family violence and the demand for crisis accommodation. It also discusses the impacts on the specialist service provider sector and what risks may need to be addressed.  Full transcript

Nov 2005  Making Children Count

Aug 2004   Women’s Refuges, Shelters, Outreach & Support Services in Australia : from Sydney squat to complex services challenging domestic & family violence by Wendy Weeks and Julie Oberin.

This report, funded under the former Partnerships Against Domestic Violence (PADV) Program as part of project examining accommodation and outreach options for women, provides an assessment of the progress that has been made in expanding accommodation and support options available to women experiencing, or escaping, domestic violence and what options or directions might be pursued in the future.

2003   Dismay at “Australia Says No” DV Campaign: Open letter to the PM

Aug 2003  A Legal Presumption of Joint Residency

Apr 2003   Parental Alienation Syndrome: A Paradigm for Child Abuse in Australian Families

Sep 2001   Women Silenced on Violence

Nov 2000    Home Safe Home: The link between domestic and family violence and women’s homelessness

Jun 2000  Domestic Violence in Regional Australia – Literature Review

Policy Statements

Feb 2006  Women’s Services for Women and Children Policy

Feb 2006  WESNET Policy: Intervention Programs with Perpetrators of Domestic Violence

The WESNET Committee has made it a priority to respond to the issue of perpetrator programs. This is an issue which for ten years now has been of great interest and concern to women’s services, and which has seen a real growth in programs and policies. In 1996 the National Forum on Domestic Violence hosted by the Commonwealth Office of the Status of Women made a series of recommendations regarding perpetrator programs. It is timely that women’s services nationally make some comment.

Feb 2006  WESNET Policy: Ethical Sponsorship

WESNET has an ethical sponsorship policy to ensure that sponsorship received by WESNET is ethical. We will only accept funding from organisations that promote and practise a work environment that is free from sexism, racism, homophobia or any other form of employee oppression.

May 2005 WESNET Policy: Crisis Payment for Women experiencing domestic & family violence who remain in their home

May 2004  WESNET’s Domestic Violence Policy


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