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WESNET’s objectives are to:

  1. Provide leadership as a national women’s peak advocacy body in relation to domestic and family violence.
  2. Contribute to and monitor policies, legislation and programs which impact on women and children experiencing domestic and family violence.’
  3. Promote equity of access to services for all women including Aboriginal women, Torres Strait Islander women, women from immigrant, refugee and/or non-English speaking background, women in rural and isolated areas, older women, young women and women with a disability, and give issues relating to equity of access highest priority.
  4. Promote community awareness of violence against women and its personal and social consequences at a national level and support and facilitate the community education role of services at a local level.
  5. Undertake research relating to the provision of support and accommodation services for women and children escaping violence and for women using SAAP funded services for other reasons.
  6. Build and promote collaborative relationships with key stakeholders.
  7. Ensure a viable, well governed and credible organisation representing WESNET members nationally.

ABN 16 068 548 631